In 1978, if you want to rock, you have to roll.

A Psychedelic 70s Inner Space Opera Role-Playing Game

Old-School Stakes!
New-Age Gnarly!


The dice were scattered across the hexagonal map — a four-sided, six-sided, eight-sided, twelve-sided, and twenty-sided. Few knew these were the Platonic solids, the fundamental forms of reality.

Andy wondered if, when used in the manner he used them every Friday night, they were generating new realities on planes within the mind. At the very least, he was happy to give his friends the chance to transcend the constructed costumes society had foisted upon them. It thrilled him to empower their more intrepid identities to explore the inner realms.

The dice were his witch’s wand, his wizard’s staff: the keys to all the Valhallas, Olympuses, Heavens and Hells that beckon from beyond the abstraction that is the egoic prison of our everyday life.

Entity Matrix!
Single Roll Combat!
Point Buy Sorcery!

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Aetherburn RPG: Dicewielders of Regio Sanctum 1.5