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Souls fuel sorcery, and so the soul trade is the basis of the multiverse’s economy. Ever the reapers gather souls. Ever the soul-trading houses – Heaven, Hell, Heliopolis, Hades, Helheim and Fey – vie for power.  

 Unbeknownst to its native population, Earth is the diplomatic heart of all reality. The little blue-green jewel is esteemed and held sacred throughout existence. It is known by most by the name Sanctuary, for it is the one place in all the multiverse where sorcery does not work. 

With Mars protecting her from beyond, and Atlantis keeping watch from within, Sanctuary (Earth if you prefer) – is about to become the centre of the multiverse for another reason. Well, five reasons actually…pythagorean-morphology

Aetherburn RPG


Dicewielders of Regio Sanctum

The soulless archon hunt you relentlessly. The witless demiurges demand your obedience. Your problems are plenty! But none of this should come as a surprise. For you — as you are well aware my clever mortal friend — should not even exist!

Indeed, how does one even become a sorcerer on innocent Earth – the one place in all reality where magic does not work? 

The Entity Matrix delivers a fresh take on combat, checks, and saves

Single-Roll Combat streamlines gameplay

Point-Spend Sorcery empowers players to spell out the narrative around the magic of their bonus dice.

In the Aetherburn RPGAether Points absorbed from vanquished foes become Chaos or Order Point pools, which function as your Hit Points. Points from these pools can be burned to buy bonus dice (d4, d6, d8, d12) that amplify Mind or Matter d20 action rolls. There are no spell lists, feats or skills. The player is responsible for evoking the narrative that spells out how their bonus dice rolls manifest in the game world.II

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The +d6 on your longshot with a crossbow is an ephemeral golden phoenix that will carry your arrow true. The +d8 on your mental attack is a waking nightmare in the mind of your foe that causes him to rend his own flesh. Figuratively and literally, players cast spells in arcane consort with the Realmweaver — and in so doing manifest a world, vivid, exciting, and entire! Such is the power of the five forms in the hands of the ensouled mortals! Such is the power of Plato’s Stones, the Fingers of Atlantis, the Pentagrammaton — the five letters of the name of God!


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