DCC Halfling Gunslinger Class.

“A Fistful from Fellowshire” — the sprawling cosmic halfling spaghetti western nobody asked for — presents

Halfling Gunslinger
Cold Pawn of Limbo

There was a popping sound and the demon, Sheriff Parnor, and the Heartstone were gone.

Instantly, the demon hordes were gone too. In the new absence of anarchy, sobbing grief and moans of agony could now be heard across the hills of Fellowshire.

Deputy Grovis Goldwheat stood up, sheathed his steaming rapier, and leapt to his people’s aid. He was sheriff now.

But he would not be staying for long.


The word was a whisper in his sleeping mind. And the voice that uttered it was not his. The dream ended and his inner senses now grasped at the first threads of wakefulness and the outer world.

Somehow he knew the miraculous device would be there in his hand.

Demonsling — like a crossbow, yet, possessed of no string or bow: an alchemical masterpiece of iron, fire, and deafening, explosive death to the foes of kindness and decency everywhere.


On his relentless hunt for the demon that possessed his mentor Sheriff Parnor, Deputy Grovis Goldwheat encounters wild new peoples and ways of seeing the world. He will do anything to slay the fiend, Zandaroth Peat. But is this cold drive for revenge really what he wants? Or is it the ravenous hunger of the mysterious hand-cannon the dwarves call Demonsling.


A Fistful from Fellowshire

A Four Module Series

starting with

Eastbound and Downwind
a 0-Level Funnel 

Shannafest is less than three days away and the beer in Port Ansalar has not even shipped yet!

Mayor Pinebloom is promising five gold if you can get the beer here in time for the festival. With five gold you could buy a pony and a warren in the best part of Daisy Lane!

But more important than all that, think of the hero you’d look to Petunia Peachblossom!

Now, if only you can convince your lazy, ambition-less friends to drive a beer-wagon 500 giant-strides and back in three days. — with constables of the Imperial Elven Cavalry of Ansalar in hot pursuit no less!

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