The Grammatical Error that Enslaved a World

Fun fact! When the bible was translated to English from Greek, every time the phrase “son of God” appeared in the Greek version, it was not preceded with “a” or “the’ (called an article in English grammar).

The Greek-to-English translators — because there was no article — went with “THE son of God’ (the definite article). Problem is though, in Greek, if no article is included, as was the case here, — the indefinite article is assumed, the indefinite article being “a”.


For nearly two millennia Christians who have been reading “THE son of God” should have been reading “A son of God”.

Let that sink in. Think of the implications.

We are all sons and daughters of God and church is an abomination that usurps our inherent divinity from us so that men can hold political power over the masses. This was the intended Christian message, and yet Christians now advocate for the complete opposite of this position.

Salvation, the Kingdom of God is the condition of realizing that the true nature of self transcends the cultural construct of egoic self as we are literally all derivatives of the universe’s property of consciousness, just like we are all derivatives its other properties like light and gravity. The Salvation Christ promised is not something that comes after you die, it is what happens when you stop thinking YOU are the flag you were born under, the church you go to, the slime you vote for, the size of the house you live in, your hair style… In this sense, salvation is indistinguishable from what a Buddhist means by “enlightenment” — or any mystical belief system means by “awakening”.

Christ, Just like Hermes Trismegistus, Plato, Buddha, Hindus, Taoists… was simply illuminating that when we permit our consciousness to descend into worldly affairs, concepts, and constructs (like nations, religions, political parties and other such arbitrarily conceived and delineated nonsense) we are allowing ourselves to become entrapped in the, limited, egoic sense of ‘self’ we are deluded and suffer and do not know the grace of our true nature. This divide and conquer us-and-them mechanism is a tool the ruling elites still use to this day.

By transcending the notion that you need to earn your Grace by serving tribes created in culture by rich powerful interests you are truly and fundamentally liberated and that is not useful for nobles who want you toiling in the muck to earn your reward after you die.

This is the real “good news”. Just let go of the cultural constructs you have been lead to believe define you— they are the bars in your prison. Drop ‘em.

Spiritual and economic oppression in Western civilization is all predicated on the complete and utter misrepresentation of the true Christian message by way of a grammatical error.

Christ did not want you to know that HE was THE son of God. He wanted you to know that YOU are.

I like to think we are living in a time when we will awaken to the idea that having a spiritual life is essential to our well being: that the mysteries of consciousness will be explored deeply again rather than being shrugged off onto the colouring book-and-crayons misdirection religious institution has hoodwinked us with to reduce us to being wage slaves and cannon-fodder.

A son of God. Not THE son of God. So ya. There’s that.

HAHAHA Indy! They are digging in the wrong place!