“If the mortals ever realize the might of the dice…

…the gods are doomed.”d20-drawing-38Dicewielder

An RPG Supplement

Beyond magicless Earth, out beyond Sanctuary Rim, a mortal sorcerer releases a bottled soul, and so opens a pinhole in spacetime. By burning his own aether then, his consciousness can manipulate the fundamental probabilities that construct his reality.

The higher forms, the Demiurges and the Aetherics could make sorcery, manipulation of the mysterious aetheric energies, but the mortals, because they had souls, had true power…

… the power of the dice!

The ability to penetrate into deepest self, cross the möbius bridge, and draw forth the delta quanta that churns in the probability vortices at the heart of the All!

Chanceomancers, as they are called derivatively by the Aetherics and the Immortals,  or Aetherdicers or Dicewielders, as they called themselves, are extremely rare. And, quite  coincidentally, the mastery of the inner eye and the five forms required to become a probability manipulator, arose on the least likey place in the multiverse.

A world called Sanctuary. The one and only place in the entire multiverse where magic didn’t work. But a world where the most vivid imaginations in existence had become familiar with the probability manipulating might of the platonic forms.


The magicless realm. The blue-green jewel of reality. The world some called Eden…

…and others called Earth.


Regio Sanctum, A Campaign Setting for the Aetherdicer Class

Sanctuary, Sorcery, & The Soul Trade

Sanctuary is the spherical speck of spacetime – and sole place in all reality – where magic does not work. Within the event horizon known as Sanctuary Rim there are four planets in non-magical space.

Hod: Throne world of Thoth. Nexus to Heliopolis.
Netsach: Original home of the Atlanteans.
Malkuth: Eden, Sanctuary Prime. It is also called Earth.
Geburah: Mars, Guardian of Sanctuary. Seat of the Martian Solar Dynasty.

Splinters of the All, living life after life until they reacquire the lost awareness of their true nature – that they are the one mind of the All.

Between lives, souls are harvested for the power they offer the sorcerer to shape aetheric energy, For mortals, they are the key to the power to manipulate probability and reshape reality itself. As the fuel of sorcery they are the currency of the multiverse – coveted by the great soul trading houses: Fey, Hades, Heaven, Helheim, Heliopolis, Hell and Zeta Reticula.

In gameplay terms, an entity’s soul contains Aether Points in a quantity that equals either Hit Dice (HD) or Levels. The soul of a minotaur with 4 HD, for example, is good for 4 Aether Points the sorcerer can absorb into his aetheric field for use later. Likewise, the soul of a 10th level halfling gunslinger would yield 10 Aether Points for the sorcerer.

Andy Crowley
An impossible sorcerer from magicless Earth, Andy Crowley, is destined to rise to rule all reality. Aether Lord, Dicewielder, God-Reaper, Dread Abraxas, the Sole Sorcerer of Sanctuary would come to wield the most fearsome artifact in cosmic history: the Glass Grimoire.

Races (or rather, Modes of Being)


The Ain-Soph is everything. It is the one thing that is all things undivided and indivisible except by the delusion and misconception that is sentient consciousness. It is that which is transcends senses. It is beyond description — beyond even reason and contemplation.

That which has always been and alway will be, it has been called the One Mind, and the True God — but in popular vernacular it is most commonly called…

…the All.

Void & Chaos

Silent, vacuous nothingness and teeming cacophonic totality. The possible line between void and chaos is the first line drawn. It is the first conceptual bifurcation: the first construct and distinction. The notion of void and chaos is the the fundamental binary that underlies all existence.

From monism, we have descended into dualism.


From the infinite possible tensions between chaos and void, infinite possible arrangements emerge. The first five of these arrangements are perfect — and all structures of thought, energy and matter are derived from combinations of these forms forms.

They are the tetrahedron, which corresponds with fire, the cube (stone), the octahedron (gas), the icosahedron (liquid), and the dodecahedron (aether).


Immortals: the Demiurges

The first sentient entities, the demiurges, having become self-aware, willed the five forms into structures that would contain their minds and execute their passion for creating.

Just as the five forms were the first delineation of spacetime, the demiurges were the first delineation of consciousness. From the singular, all-mind, two. From two, the five. From the five, consciousness. And from consciousness, the delusion of plurality.

These very first beings set out to create life and know the thrills of the heart and the flesh. The demiurges created the world of matter and energy and all that resides within it. Using sorcery, they could consciously manipulate the aether from which they had formed themselves.

The Titans, founders of Olympus, the Giant, founders of Asgard, and Ialdoboath, founder of Heaven, are examples of demiurges — who are also called Immortals.

Aetherics: the Aetherborn

The first aetheric beings were crafted, sometimes lovingly, sometimes cruelly, from aether generated from bodies of their demiurge creators. Since those early days of the multiverse, aetherics (also called angels, demons, gods, goddesses, archons and aeons) have proliferated sexually just as biological mortals would.

Like the demiurges, the aetherics do not posses souls, and so do not have a sense of connection to the Ain-Soph (the All).

Because they are comprised of aether, they are inherently magical and possess innate sorcerous capabilities exceeding those of the ensouled mortals.

In recent years they have grown increasingly fascinated by the technologies that have emerged on Earth in the absence of magic.

Seraphim, Olympians, dragons, djinn and the Warmoles of Limbo are examples of aetheric entities.

Because athaerics, like their demiurge creators. lack souls and therefore a sense of true connection to one another, they tend to be more cunning, selfish and merciless in their conduct than mortals are.

And they share the same great fear as the demiurges: that mortals will come to discover their power and their potential.

Mortals: the Ensouled

Mortals. The favoured ones — each of whom is a soul that has lived before and will live again after its current form dies and another is born. They are the envy of all sentient life for their soul is a splinter of the All-Mind. And yet their flesh — not of mystical aether, but the stuff of fallen matter and energy — makes them vulnrable and weak.

Tau Ceteans, Zeta Reticulans, Pleiadians, Martians, Atlanteans and Earthers (Sanctuarians) are examples of mortals.

And the Aetherics and immortal not only envy the mortals for possessing soul. Mortals also — because they share a connection with the All — can penetrate the möbius bridge and manipulate the probability field that churn within.

This is to say they are not only capable of becoming sorcerers. Unlike, the Immortals and the Aetherics mortals, called the Dice Wielder, can burn aether to manipulate probability as well.


 Warrior: +1 on Might rolls.+1 Melee and Ranged Attack rolls. Press (-2 on current Defence for +3 on next attack). Parry (-2 on current Attack for +3 on next Defnce).

Interloper: +2 on Grace or Guile rolls. +1 Persuasion and Perception checks.

Sorcerer: +2 Magic Defense.+2 on Nexit Allotment.

Monk: +2 on Wu and Grit rolls.+2 on dmg from feet (d6) and hand (d4) attacks

Planets of the Magicless Realm


A spherical speck of existence containing four planets rimmed by a belt of asteroids around a middling yellow star, Sanctuary is the one place in the multiverse where consciousness can not penetrate inward to the probability vortices at the heart of reality. Because mind is prevented from reaching the delta quanta that churns beyond the moebius bridge, probability manipulation — also called magic or sorcery — is not possible there.

While the name Sanctuary is applied to the region in general, it is most often used in popular vernacular to refer specifically to Malkuth (Terra), the third world in the system as it is the only world that remains inhabited to a significant degree. Technically speaking though, the region of Sanctuary also contains the planets Hod (Mercury), Netzach (Venus), Malkuth (Earth), and Geburah (Mars).

Sanctuary Rim

The perfectly spherical event horizon between non-magical spacetime of Sanctuary and the magical spacetime beyond is known as Sanctuary Rim. This boundary is marked approximately by an asteroid belt comprised of the remains of the planet Tiamat, which was destroyed in the Chronos Debacle.


The first planet of Sanctuary (nearest its star) is the throneworld of Thoth, Emperor of the Heliopolitan Dynasty. and the access point to the Plane of Heliopolis. Thoth’s throneworld is esteeemed with a location within Sanctuary Rim is an honoiur bestowed upon Heliopolis as the House currently presiding over the Celestial Necropolis, which provided oversight and enforcement in affairs of the inter-planar soul trade.


The second world was rendered uninhabitable during the Cronos Debacle. Prior to the destruction of its biosphere, a remnant of its glorious ecology minded civilization evacuated to a subterranean enclave, called Atlantis, in a mountain beneath the Aegean Sea on the third world, Malkuth.
Ruled by the ecological wisdom of the council of twelve Atlanean Midwives, The daughters of Venus are, like the Martians, salwart stewards of Malkuth.


Also known as Sanctuary Proper, Sanctuary Prime, Terra, Eden, or Earth, the third world in the system is the only planet with a significant population. Its cosmological significance cannot be overstated. The Earthers are oblivious to the fact that their world is the only place in all reality where magic does not work. And it is a heinous crime in magical spacetime to interfere in the affiars of the peoples of magicless Malkuth.


Seat of the Martian Dynasty until the Great Exodus and conjuring of the Eden Veil in the mid nineteenth century.

In the past, the distinct Martian Alchemy made possible by the ancient Realization Engines (which drew fluxprob weakforce from the event horizon between magical and non-magical spacetime) rendered Geburah a lush green world. The Martian alchemy, powered by the Imagineers who fed their designs to the Realization Engines, created the legendary Martian talismans: the dreamships, the sun guns, and the gatestreams. With the destruciton of Sanctuary’s former fifth planet, Tiamat, and the resultant shift in the event horizon of Sanctuary Rim,the Realization Engines eventually failed, the Martian alchemy faded and the red world died.

More recently, because it is easily observed by the Martian Dynasty, the Prison for Gods was constructed in the largest mountain there. Cronos, Prometheus, Seteth, and Sisyphus are notable inmates there.


Also called Jupiter, this enormous world is generally uninhabited with the exception of the training arenas of the Geburan war priests.

Four of Chesed’s moons became the seat of the First Solar Martian Dynasty under Pharaoh Garuk Motenkhamen IV after the Great Exodus. Memphis Nova I is the throneworld of the Dynasty. Memphis Nova II is the headquarters for the Martian Merchant Empire.

The Soul Trading Houses

Lucifer’s United Hells have annexed Hades from Olympus. And Loki’s Helheim — with the assassination of the Demiurge — had acquired the enormous sole trove of Heaven. The balance of power in Regio Sanctum is as a twisted nest of serpents.


Once an emerald paradise of rolling hills and forest glades teaming with woodland creatures, the realm of Fey has fallen into gloomy quiet with the pact Emperor Arawn has made with Lucifer. The sentient, subterranean mycelial network, increasingly dissatisfied with Arawn’s intoxicated hubris is encroaching upon the surface world. The reapers of House Fey, the Banshee and their Dullahan, also grow discontented with Lord Arawn’s petulant ill-tempered rule.


Always gothic and grim, but at one time highly respected, the Olympian realm of Stygia, and its capital, Hades, had declined in influence by the time it fell to Lucifer’s United Hells. The murder of the city’s ruler and namesake at the hands of General Tyr of Asgard, and Lucifer’s audacity at moving the capital of what he now called the United Hells to Hades, was more than the Olympian emperor Zeus could bear.

Fed by the tributary of the interdimensional Sea of Tears known as the great river Styx, Hades’s Port of Plutonia is strategically significant in that the hills about its shores intersect directly with both the dream realm and the astral plane.


Bright, sterile Heaven in all its arrogant, bureaucratic, elitist, isolationist glory sits on a soul trove that is the envy of Regio Sanctum. But their are rumours that Heaven’s emperor, Ialdoboath the Demiurge, Wayward Son of Sophia, has been assassinated. There is no way of knowing, for aside from his booming telepathic voice, “*God*” — as he likes to be called — is invisible and intangible to the senses. But if he (or is it she) is gone, the Heaven’s wealth of Soles is to fall to Loki’s Helheim.


Barren wasteland, blistering winds, as icy cold as it’s ruler’s frigid heart. The recent relocation of the Metropolis of Valhalla to Helheim had not made Loki Odinson a popular leader, but his recent acquisition of the guf of Heaven had changed all that. But he didn’t trust Lucifer and their alliance was becoming strained.


The throne world of Emperor Thoth being located on the world of Hod, within the magicless realm of Sanctuary, was a testament to the power of the golden realm, As was cosmic convention, Heliopolis was serving its twenty-two million year term as seat of the Celestial Necroplis, which oversaw the soul trade and enforced the Binary Proclamation.

United Hells

Lucifer Morningstar, Once of Heaven, Champion of Free Will, Prince of Light, prefers the title “Curator” over Emperor. His domain, the United Hells is a veritable utopia of art and culture. The Paris of the Planes, The Earther, Andy Cowley, had once called it. The centre of music, fashion and entertainment in the Regio Sanctum sector of the multiverse.

Zeta Reticuli

The mortal masters of the planes, the Grey’s have forgone all technology except for their white featureless egg shaped realm-craft. Powerful telepaths, and masters of magnetism and gravity, the Zeta Reticuli civilization believes in uniformity and efficiency, their sole indulgence is music telepathically rendered 5-dimensionally. This, they consider the highest form of art.

The Proximal Planes

The Proximal Planes are planes that are accessible to the minds of the mortals of magicless Sanctuary. Though it was forbidden for beings from magical spacetime to interact with Earth mortals, the proximal planes were often exploited as a work-around.

Astral Plane

For humans of Earth, the serene beauty of *the quiet realm* is the reward of meditation mastery. One’s astral body on the astral plane can not come to harm. With peach-pink skies above , and tall golden grass in wine-coloured soil, inverted mountains float in the sky, On one of them — waiting for the best of human minds — the Akashic Library of Alexandria awaits.

Dream Realm

When the human’s of Sanctuary sleep, they enter the plane of dreams. In its indigo tones and hallmark frost-like silver dust, dream-selves distinct from their waking-selves defend Sanctuary Rim from threats beyond magical spacetime.



The highest governance in the cosmos. The Pentarchy is a council of five powerful cosmic entities selected by invitation to serve 2,200 year terms. New members of are invited by means of unanimous consent of the five sitting council members. Every 22,000 years, the Pentarchy is responsible for appointing the empire that will preside over the Celestial Necropolis.

Council members present and past are sworn never to disclose their membership on pain of banishment to Limbo by the Knights of Oblivion,

The Pentarchy’s council chamber is said to be less than the span of the electron orbit of a Hydrogen atom and located in the core of a cold, dead planet of solid iron larger than a red giant star.

Celestial Necropolis

Currently, Heliopolis presides over the Celestial Necropolis, which is charged with ensuring fairness in the execution of affairs of the multi-planar soul economy. The sitting authority in the Celestial Necropolis is also responsible for enforcement of the Binary Proclamation by way of the Order of the Knights of Oblivion.

The city itself is the span of worlds and is a potpourri of the architectural styles of the realms that have presided over execution of its mandate.

Hod, the first world of the Sanctuary star system and throne world of the Heliopolitan Emperor Thoth, is an access point to the Necropolis. 3,000 years remains in Heliopolis’s stewardship of the Necropolis.

Binary Proclamation

In a cosmos vibrant – some might say mad – with the practice of sorcery, Sanctuary was a reprieve. It was hallowed as a place where the cosmic elite could meet on a level playing field and find common ground. In the magical impotence forced upon one in the unique, inaccessible probability structure of Sanctuary, tolerance amongst gods was possible. The typically hair-trigger impulse toward spellcasting could be mitigated, reason could be brought into negotiations, and agreements could be made. In the beginning this was just important. Then it was essential. Eventually it was sacred.

Over time, The Binary Proclamation was developed to preserve what had become the diplomatic heart of all reality.

The Binary Proclamation consisted of two edicts. Both named from indigenous Earth culture.

While the Earthers, knew nothing of true magic, they did within their rich cultures, whisper of gods and wizards, angels and devils, dragons and fey, which had indeed wandered – though impotently – into and out of the realm of Sanctuary, and thereby into and out of Earth’s history.

Eden Edict

Magical beings from beyond Sanctuary Rim would sometimes interact with sleeping, meditating, entranced or chemically intoxicated Earthers while their souls peek into the proximal planes: the dream realm, and the astral plane. But in nearly all of these cases, Earthers write these interactions off as dreams, daydreams, visions, or other such phantom encounters with no basis in reality.

The first edic of the Binary Proclamation, the Eden Edict, is enforced to prevent interference in non-magical space and to keep native inhabitants of Malkuth unaware of the magical reality beyond Sanctuary Rim. It states simply that, inhabitants of Earth are to be kept unaware of the sorcerous forces that run rampant across the wider multiverse and that beings from magical spacetime must never interact with them.

Enforcement of The Eden Edict is overseen by the five wizards and gods who serve in secret on the high council known as The Pentarchy. This group has maintained a vast and powerful spell — referred as the *Eden Veil* — about the sphere of Sanctuary so that humans looking out into the multiverse see only the illusion of barren, uninhabited space.

Reaper Edict

The Binary Proclamation’s other edict, The Reaper Edict, proclaims that killing to acquire a soul distinctly for the purpose of powering magic is the highest sin in sorcery. Policed and enforced by the powerful Knights of the Order Oblivion under the authority of the High Court of the Celestial Necropolis, violation of The Reaper Edict is punishable by the madness of the deathless solitude brought about by eternal imprisonment in Limbo the realm between realms in the thoughts between thoughts.

The effect of the two edicts of the Binary Proclamation has been that, except for a few occasions, which had been dealt with abruptly and possibly rather too harshly, Earthers know next to nothing of magic, or of the vibrant sorcerous bedlam just beyond their doorstep.

Over the millennia, aside from the Mars problem, which stems from feelings that Geburah (Mars) has been given unfair access to the rare riches of (Malkuth) Earth, most among the elite have over time, come to accept the legitimacy of Pentarchy’s management and enforcement of the Binary Proclamation — even if interference in human affairs ny way of the proximal planes continues to be a common practice and statutory grey area.

Knights of Oblivion

Fearsome, and powerful beyond imagining, the Knights of Oblivion stand some 12 ft tall and wear the garb of the imperial guards of Heliopolitan Emperor. Humanoid forms with the heads of jackals they are armed only with the Ankh, which empowers them to banish entities to deathless stasis in Limbo where the remain fully conscious of the passage of time for all eternity while the roaring winds of the purple realm rend their constantly regenerating flesh from their bones.

Everything about them communicates one simple message. “Do not violate the Binary Proclamation.”

Reapers Guild

Agents of the trading houses, the psychopomps or reapers harvest souls from the dying. Traditionally, reapers are aetheric entities indigenous to the plane their Soul-Trading house represents, but increasingly, the convention of demonstrating planar allegiance has diminished. Free agents are become more and more common. There has even been word that contractors are beginning to turn up.

Treaty of Jotunheim

In ancient times, before intelligent beings had even walked on Sanctuary, the Cronos Debacle had destroyed Tiamat, the fifth planet of the Sol system. The resultant reorientation of gravitational fields had moved the event horizon of Sanctuary Rim outward and, robbed of even of the scant, residual fluxing probability weak force made available by proximity to the Rim and channeled to them by the 22 equatorial and 22 meridial pyramids, the enormous realization engines at the Martian core, had ground to a halt – never to come on again. Eventually, Mars began to dry and wither. Water had all but disappeared from the surface, and the Pharaoh, having become enamoured with the peculiar science practiced by the Earther’s, had surmised it was leaving the atmosphere as well. Without magic, he hypothesized, it was only a matter of time before Mars would be uninhabitable anyway. Ever the consulate negotiator and merchant, he played this knowledge to Mars’s advantage.

As compensation for Mars’s incredible sacrifice, the Pentarchy expanded the relocated Martian Empire’s role as steward of Sanctuary beyond asylum from the Eden Edict to include exclusive rights to secretly acquire and export limited quantities of two of the most precious commodities in the multiverse: Sanctuarian denim, the nil-probability properties of which made it a remarkably resilient armour against sorcery, and Sanctuarian alcohol, which had a unique and powerful affect on consciousness had never been replicated beyond the Rim.

Many viewed Mars’s new compensation by the Pentarchy as excessive and unfair, resulting eventually in the treaty of Jotunheim, which forbid Mars from trading the most precious resource of all — sorcery-fuelling souls: the currency of the cosmos. Exclusion from the soul trade and abandonment of the Martian soul trading houses, resulted in the virtual extinction of Martian magic and sorcery in the span of mere decades. Now, the closest thing to Martian sorcery are the dwindling remnants of the ancient Martian alchemical talismans created by the imagineers in the long since silent realization engines: the sun-guns, the dreamships and the gatestreams,

And so, having relocated all signs of Martian civilization beyond Sanctuary Rim, the Pentarchy enacted the second part of its plan.

Five Heliopolitan beholders in a perpetual state of meditation, situated in Five pyramids distributed in a pentagramatic arrangement about the asteroid remnants of planet Tiamat maintained a powerful illusory sphere about the event horizon of Sanctuary Rim. This glamour, which serves to prevent any outward looking Earthers from seeing the truth of their place in the multiverse, in time, came to be known as the Eden Veil.

Martian Merchant Empire

From the secret subterranean port beneath the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Martian dreamships bear the fortunes of the Martian Merchant Empire from magicless Sanctuary Prime. With exclusive permission to export Earth alcohol and the magical armor known ad *denim*, the First Solar Dynasty of Garuk Motenkhamen IV has grown rich and influential.

The wealth of Geburah fuelled a military that has come to be feared and respected across the planes. And her service to the Pentarchy as protector of Earth is unflinching.

Prison for Gods

With the degradation of the flux-prob weak force after the destruction of Tiamat, access by consciousness to the probability fields became such that magic became just as impossible on Geburah as it was on Malkuth. After the Martian Exodus, the now uninhabitable red planet became the perfect place to imprison powerful entities who threatened the tenuous civilization maintained by the Pentarchy. Under the watchful eye of the Pharaoh from is new throne worlds just beyond Sanctuary Rim, the Prison for Gods, operates as a deterant to would-be tyranny across the multiverse.

Atlantean Council of Midwives

Last survivors of the second planet, Netzatch, the Atlanteans thrive now in a subterranean enclave in a mountain beneath the Agean Sea on Malkuth. When the Cronos Debacle obliterated Tiamat, the shockwave gave only minutes for the Atlanteans to evacuate. The best, brightest, and most just were selected to cross through the spatial nexus into the Atlantean enclave. Having sacrificed their world to save sacred Malkuth, the highly advanced ecological and ethical society run by the council of twelve midwives, now maintains their secret presence on Earth. Always, they stand at the ready to assist their brother society of Geburah in the stewardship of Sanctuary Prime.

OPTIONAL (take ’em-or-leave-em) RULES

These are works in progress. Feedback on them is really appreciated!

Character Creation

General Attributes

Immortals use 3d12 for General Attribute rolls. 3-36
Aetherics use 3d8 for General Attribute rolls. 3-24
Mortals use 3d6 for General Attribute rolls. 3-18

All PCs begin as Mortals.

Might (physical strength)
Mind (Sanity Points (logic, thinking)
Mu (mystical awareness)
Grace (reflexes, balance)
Guile (cunning, charm, worldliness)
Grit (Hit Points, willpower, stamina)

Combat Attributes (MAD/RAD/SAD)

Melee Attack (Might+Grit):_____/Defense (Grace+Guile):_____ = MA___/D___
Range Attack:(Grace+Mu)_____/Defense (Grace+Grit):_____ = RA___/D___
Sorcery Attack:((Mind+Guile)_____/Defend (Mu+Grit):_____ = SA/___D___

 Aether Points (Hit Points*+Sanity Points*):_____
*Total Aether Points vary with Hit Point and Sanity Point totals.

Aether is necessary to manipulate probability. Aether is absorbed from defeated enemies: 1 level or 1 HD of a defeated opponent is 2 aether points absorbed by the victor.

Aether can then be spent to cast spells – or if you are a mortal – to modify ANY dice roll (alter reality). A Spell cost 1 point of aether for every level of the spell.

Probability Manipulation: (adding to ANY roll of the players choosing) cost 2 AP per +1.

Magic and probability manipulation fumbles have particularly nasty consequences!

Unified Save/Check/Hit/Defend Mechanic

Everything — including, saving throws and attack and defence rolls in combat — are simply attribute checks against either a General Attribute or a Combat Attribute.

Fumble: A roll of natural 1 on a d20 causes a d12 roll on the relevant (Melee / Ranged / Sorcery / Probability Manipulation) fumble table.

Criticals: A roll of a natural 20 on a D20, causes a d12 roll on the relevant (Melee / Ranged / Sorcery / Probability Manipulation) Critical Hit Table.

Fumbles and criticals do not occur on a Defence Score roll. Instead a roll of 1 or 20 results in the attainment of 1 Aether Point.



Each side rolls against their Melee Defence Score – the roll that is further UNDER their score goes first. If a tie – reroll.


Full movement (or action).
Roll against Melee or Ranged or Magic Attack Score – if under, attack hits.


Roll against Magic or Ranged or Magic Defence Score – if under, no damage even if hit. Combatants can nexit at any time unless opponent has allocated more points to nexit jam.

Armor Type and Bonus

Leather          +1
Chain              +2
Plate               +3
Shield             +1
Earth Denim +3 Magic Defense

Weapons Type and Damage

d4    Dagger, whip, sling,
d6    Sword, quarter staff, bow, throwing axe
d8    Spear, pole-arm, two-handed sword
d12   Axe, war hammer, lance, pistol
d20   Rifle

Wand  +1 Magic Attack,
Staff +1 Magic Defense +1d4 dmg