Author: Zardak the Dave

There is only The All #poem We are one One who has fallen apart To learn how to come together And fall apart again… Only to come together… Until we rediscover Who we really are.

In 1978, If you want to rock, you have to roll. Aetherburn RPG is live on Drive-thru RPG!

Souls fuel sorcery, and so the soul trade is the basis of the multiverse’s economy. Ever the reapers gather souls. Ever the soul-trading houses – Heaven, Hell, Heliopolis, Hades, Helheim and Fey – vie for power.  

 Unbeknownst to its native population, Earth is the diplomatic heart of all reality. The little blue-green jewel is esteemed and held sacred throughout existence. It is known by most by the name Sanctuary, for it is the one place in all the multiverse where sorcery does not work. 

With Mars protecting her from beyond, and Atlantis keeping watch from within, Sanctuary (Earth if you prefer) – is about to become the centre of the multiverse for another reason. Well, five reasons actually…